Hello World!

So, I finally decided to blog. Often there are interesting thoughts that I want to share, even for myself.

And so, let’s get started.

For many years I have been working on myself, trying different practices, different religions. And just recently discovered a completely new approach to life. Perhaps this is what I will share with you.

How it all began. I had a successful business, relations, everything as a whole was excellent. But I wanted more, at that time I did not clearly realize what exactly, I was in constant search, without knowing what. One of the main desires was to get more money, and to do less for this. It turned out just the opposite, money became less and less, and more and more work 🙂

Not even quite like that, when everything was fine with me, I wanted more money, more success, more love, and it made me pray and work on myself. In general, the intentions were the best, but in the end the result did not suit me.

But today, I realized an amazing thing. I asked myself one simple question:

Why do I need it?

  • Why do I want health?
  • Why do I want money?
  • Why do I want a relationship?
  • Why do I want to work on myself at all?
  • Why am I praying?

We often want a lot of money and start to work a lot, create companies, earn a lot of money, and why?

We want a good relationship, build a family and why?

And we do the rest of the most important things in life.

And what is all this for?

We just want love, happiness and joy.

The most interesting thing is that nothing needs to be done for this. Judge for yourself, when a child is born absolutely happy, he already has everything, he lives in abundance and happiness.

Many have already forgotten how this is even possible. We are used to the fact that first you need to achieve everything, and only then you can relax and enjoy happiness. But in fact, there is only one scenario – the grave, you stupidly die, that’s all.

So why waste time, you can already live happily, in love and joy.

It sounds good, and immediately the question is – where to get the money?

Let’s think about how money comes to us, and how much is this related to what we do? How do ideas come to us at work, how do clients come? In fact, we don’t know how this happens, a good idea comes spontaneously, a good client also comes spontaneously. All this happens effortlessly on our part. Although, on the other hand, you can spend a lot of effort to come up with something new, spend a lot of money on advertising, and everything will be useless.

Why it happens? It’s all about the free energy that we have at the moment. If there is a lot of it, everything comes out easily and effortlessly. If there is no energy, everything goes hard and to no purpose.

How to get this energy? Everything is very simple – a list of joy. I will write a separate post about this later. In a nutshell – write a list of what pleases you and try to do it every day.

Also, an important point is creativity. There will also be a separate post 🙂 Create something new, no matter whether it is significant or not. It is important to show the act of creation – to sing, play a musical instrument, draw a picture, make a post, write a program or report on the work. Do what else is not there. Do it and it will bring you happiness 🙂