Coronavirus – what to do?

Recently, the coronavirus has been scaring everyone, creating panic, tension, fear … In general, a lot of negative emotions.

This is neither good nor bad. So, it should have been so, such is the incomprehensible will of God, for some reason this is good. If you can take this position, you will immediately feel calm and harmony.

Each of us has a wonderful tool – Will. If you want to live in love, happiness and joys simply manifest (speak) your will:

My Spirit, I declare my will!
Heal and transform in me all the fears, desires, programs and thought forms associated with the coronavirus, that fills me with life energy from the most divine source in my heart, and does not deprive it. In that which is consistent with the flow of unconditional divine love, happiness, joy, abundance, health.
So be it, for I am the one who I am.
My Will is the law.
I thank my Spirit that this has already happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With this simple statement of our will, we turn to God and ask him to do everything in the best possible way for us.